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TherapyCave - online psychotherapy application

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In the incipience of the pandemic, the mental health domain faced unprecedented challenges, navigating through which required not just a technological solution but a compassionate and rapid response. TherapyCave emerged as a beacon of support amidst this chaos, envisioned to bridge the gap between therapy seekers and providers in a virtual, accessible, and secure environment. The challenge was two-fold: developing a technologically robust platform promptly, and ensuring its utility and accessibility were attuned to the urgent demands of the therapy market, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on user-centricity and empathetic design.


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2 months

Customer's challenges

Unlike traditional incubators and software houses, Nebucode believes in an entrepreneurial spirit that extends beyond assistance, delving into creation and nurturing of projects from their ideation to execution. TherapyCave, built during the critical initial phase of the pandemic, stands testament to our agile methodology and strategic foresight. Within a mere three weeks, the project witnessed the conception and implementation of its graphic identity, MVP, and pitch deck, facilitated by our expert mentors. A swift securing of a private investor, strategic participation, and subsequent triumph in the Startup Mine competition further underscored our capabilities in not merely envisioning, but efficaciously realizing a business objective within the constraints of time and resources.

Implemented solution

Our technical journey with TherapyCave was meticulously carved with a programming stack that ensured not just contemporaneity but also future-proofing and sustainability. Utilizing React, NextJS, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL, we ensured the application was embedded with a technology ecosystem that promised robustness, maintainability, and swift screen loading times (even under 0.5 seconds). This strategic choice of technologies also guaranteed code transparency and easy maintainability, safeguarding the project against potential future technological redundancies and ensuring low ongoing maintenance costs, thereby securing a reliable and enduring digital pathway for TherapyCave.

“The delivery of the first stages has already made a real impact on Eurorent’s work, making our company more operational”

Technology and operations team

Applied technologies

Nebucode’s journey with TherapyCave reflects our dual commitment to technological excellence and societal impact, showcasing our versatility, experience, and an inexorable energy for positive action. Crafting solutions that are not just technologically superior but also socially relevant and timely, we continue to stride towards creating digital landscapes that intertwine innovation with empathy, technology with accessibility, and ideas with impactful execution.

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