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At Nebucode, we love innovation

We help organizations grow consciously using tailored technology

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We help you grow as fast as you should and make your ideas come to live.

Many businesses are stuck with old software because getting new tech sounds expensive and complicated. This can stop some pretty awesome ideas from becoming a reality. But here at Nebucode, we’re changing that. We take your brilliant ideas and give them life with technology that’s powerful but not puzzling, making sure your business doesn’t just grow – it soars.

We're more than just tech experts; we're your partners in creating something amazing and doing it the right way.

Teaming up with NESsT, we're making sure our tech solutions aren’t just smart but also socially responsible. We hire and help folks who might be left out otherwise and host special training camps to boost their skills. So when we help your business shine, we're lighting the way for others, too.

We help organizations grow consciously using tailored technology


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How do we work?

Free consultation

We start by getting to know your idea during a 30-min free consultation. Send us all the information and documents you have before it (for example, this could be: a project description, your funding application, etc.). If you are looking for improvements for your business, we will talk about your business during the conversation and schedule a separate workshop with our specialists.

Quote, timeline and work model choice

After the initial analysis, we will prepare for you a very precise proposal of schedule and pricing. We will talk about it and present our idea of your project. At this stage we will discuss whether it is better to have a predetermined amount for the implementation, or sprint billing (every two weeks, for specific tasks) - we will present the pros and cons of this solution and comprehensively guide you by the hand.


After signing the contract it is time for its first phase - prototyping. This is the first part of your product production, the form of which we will decide together (it may already be some part of the software, or a clickable graphic design simulating the operation). The point is that you should spend as little as possible on preparing the product and at the earliest possible stage make decisions on possible changes (e.g. in case it turns out that your employees or clients need other functionalities).

Proper production

After producing a prototype and checking its performance, we meet again to refresh the requirements and possibly prepare a new technical specification. Throughout the production of your application, we will meet regularly, showing realized functionalities, talking about the next ones and discussing possible changes.

Completed product and maintenance

After the solution is produced and tested, we provide you with free ongoing support, maintenance services and hosting for 6 months after the work is completed + warranties for 12 months. Of course, we can arrange to extend the above for a prearranged amount. We are always available for further development.

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