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Gamegoods - ecommerce custom solution

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In 2021, Gamegoods found itself ensnared in a web of technical challenges, particularly exacerbated by a significant surge in sales. The website stuttered under the pressure, with logically misplaced elements and additional technical issues, thereby impacting both conversion rates and customer satisfaction adversely. The brand, albeit flourishing in sales, found itself on shaky ground due to an underperforming digital platform that was misaligned with the growing demands and expectations of its expanding customer base.


Web applications

Building a project from A to Z




2 months

Customer's challenges

Faced with these substantial hurdles, we at Nebucode, rather than opting for a mere revival of the existing platform, decided to strategically overhaul and reimagine Gamegoods’ e-commerce platform. The chosen pathway was not merely about addressing the present issues but ensuring a resilient and adaptive digital infrastructure for the future. This involved dissecting current solutions through thorough analyses, including tracking user movements via specialized plug-in installations, and crafting a detailed work schedule that outlined the required existing and new functionalities. Our collaboration extended to working hand-in-hand with the client’s graphic designer, translating clickable graphic designs into a user-friendly digital experience, followed by our forte, the programming, where existing codes were rewritten and updated to meet new requirements, optimizing both functionality and work processes.

Implemented solution

Navigating through the project, our technology stack, comprised of React, NextJS, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL, was chosen after meticulous consideration of several critical factors, ensuring that Gamegoods would not just recover but emerge stronger and more efficient. This technological ensemble promised a robust ecosystem, ensuring regular updates, bug fixes, and long-term maintenance (React, for instance, is upheld by Meta, formerly Facebook). Additionally, the selected technologies ensured transparent, easy-to-maintain code, which, when combined with optimal documentation, promised sustainability and easy handover to any software company or developer. The outcome: an expediently loading application (under 0.5 seconds) and low ongoing maintenance costs.

Nebucode guided us through the entire process like a string, offering specific solutions at each stage and seeking answers to our challenges

Technology and operations team

Applied technologies

To work with the project, we proposed the above mentioned programming stack (a.k.a. stack, meaning the technologies selected for the project). The choice of React, NextJS, GraphQL and PostreSQL was motivated by factors such as:

  • Great ecosystem of technology – lots of libraries, ongoing bug fixes, updates, and confidence that the technology will be maintained for decades (React is updated by Facebook – currently Meta)
  • Easy to maintain code transparency, which, combined with good documentation, makes the project maintainable for any software company and developer
  • Very fast loading application screens – even under 0.5 seconds

Our technologies






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