A website as a necessity to develop a business

Website in the business around us

Nowadays, it is not only nice product packages or glowing signs above the entrance to a brand’s store that count. Recipients have become more demanding and many sectors of the economy definitely need to change their business model or invest in mobile services, websites or hosting. This is necessary to survive among fast-paced competition.

Online business vision

Online business is a tempting vision for the evolution of any brand. It guarantees regular development, a constantly expanding group of recipients and many tools that monitor sales, reach and traffic on the website. You do not need advanced knowledge to run your own business. There are many companies on the market that program, design and implement websites or mobile applications.

As NEBUCODE, we work with companies that need business improvement applications or websites that will not only reflect trends, but above all will be so intuitive that users will quickly and easily make a purchase, choose a banking service or use the contact form, leaving valuable contact details. Our recommendation to our customers, for whom we design and implement websites, is as follows:

  • The website should be light – without any unnecessary elements, fast loading of tabs and plugins to improve its functionality!
  • Good photos and videos - people like to surround themselves with nice things and brands they find friendly. In graphic designs, we focus on quality and originality, because this is the most important thing.
  • Sliders are a dying breed - once scrolling offers were standard, but user requirements are now different. All you need is a good photo and a permanent heading - it will do the job!
  • Storytelling is not only the domain of culture or advertising; it is an approach that brings sales and image effects. It doesn’t matter if it’s about running an online store or a blog – the story is most important.
  • Minimalism - because less is more!

Cost of online business

What costs do you need to prepare yourself for? Although starting an online business doesn’t cost a lot, there are times when you have to incur certain expenses. They are mainly related to the creation and maintenance of a website.

At NEBUCODE, we design and implement websites for small and medium-sized enterprises. Feel free to contact us and we will prepare a free quote and tell you what the process of creating the “website of the future” really looks like.