What we do

Be over the moon with your ideas turned into solutions. Reach out to us for top software development services for powerful startups.


Mobile development

We offer rapid, effective mobile app development for startups. We master languages such as Java, Swift, Kotlin, React Native or Flutter. We deliver iOS, Android and cross-platform solutions.

Web Development

With years of experience in languages such as JavaScript, Python, Angular or Node.js, each year we develop number of responsive and SEO-optimized websites for startups.

Product develompent

As an experienced team of developers and designers, we offer full website and mobile interface design, along with UX and motion design.

IoT (Internet of Things)

With the track record of successfully implemented project, we keep on developing innovative IoT solutions serving humans and environment.

Fintech Solutions

By delivering modern, secure and business-oriented banking solutions, we constantly help to digitalize financial sector.


With a wide range of blockchain services we’re capable of performing, we strongly contribute to the development of financial companies.