IT projects which the world can fall in love with!

The effects of the current pandemic have hit most sectors of the economy, including the IT industry. In 2020 companies that wanted to survive had to create or expand their IT services - from web applications, through communication or learning systems, to online shops with currency or product comparison websites. Those who risked survived and gained profit.

However, it is not too late. The pandemic continues and entrepreneurs are able to combine activities with software companies to catch up or even outrun their competition. At Nebucode, we create and develop customer projects, because we know that work must make sense. We are contacted by those who have obtained funding (e.g. from European funds for IT projects).

As a Polish software house, we specialise in:

  • projects for industry or innovative machine patents
  • IT / ICT - IT systems, mathematical models, optimisation and services facilitating processes
  • gaming engines / VR / AR / MR
  • pharmacy / HealthTech
  • FinTech / LawTech

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