Development of FinTechs in Poland

Development of FinTechs in Poland is the best to invest in! Financial innovations, called FinTech projects in recent years, are the leading factors of change in the financial sector. They were accelerated by the financial crisis at the beginning of the 21st century, and now they reduce costs, expand the range or create new business models for start-ups and extensive financial institutions.

Market research shows clearly that almost half of companies dealing with financial or telecommunications services introduce FinTech solutions! From mobile payments, through faster data transfers, to the development of electronic documentation. We provide our customers with a comprehensive approach to this type of solutions, because as a Warsaw software house, we are good at running not only start-ups, but also companies that have been operating in the market for years. We eliminate boredom at work. We start creating a financial comparison website, job offers or smart shopping applications with making a dedicated code, and end with a comprehensive database control!

We recommend the following FinTechs solutions:

🟣 Electronic ID that can be efficiently used to confirm identity online, in commercial or public services. We recommend such solutions especially in banking, but we can also implement appropriately dedicated services for the telecommunications industry or local government administration.

🟣 Online loans or electronic conclusion of contracts? Yes! For example, Carsmile S.A., which is the largest online platform for car rental subscriptions, introduced the leasing service! Thanks to this, you can pay for a new car as for Spotify.

🟣 An application that connects the world of insurance, banks, institutions or various departments? It can be perfect for managing an organisation or mass data exchange between entities. The assumption is that the benefits of such products apply to customers for whom they are convenient, transparent and safe. Entrepreneurs are also winners here - they are able to sell faster or reduce labour costs

All capital markets or companies that deal with different currencies are entities that should be particularly interested in investing in Fintech services. It should be expected that in the coming years not only will there be more companies operating in the fintech sector, but also the scale of operations of entities in this industry will expand significantly, especially in developing countries - such as Poland!