Case study

UrCup is the app dedicated to all fans of sustainability. It’s a system enabling easy and efficient return of reusable cups and getting the deposit refunded.


The desire of UrCup, a Polish producer of reusable cups distributed around the whole country, was to popularize their product in order to reduce the amount of waste. Their goal was to improve the process of returning reusable cups by creating a digital system providing their end users with an intuitive and interactive solution.

Our solution

Counter of returned cups, supported with element based on gamification and competition. Counter includes both individual user’s score and total number of exchanged cups.

The map of points such as cafes, restaurants and hotels, where end users can return their cups and get their refund. This feature is based on geolocation.

The blog with the latest updates about the solution itself and the industry,

Product page with history of cups.


With our help, the client managed to create a tool encouraging consumers to change their daily habits and be more sustainable. By this they constantly reduce the use of natural resources and enable their users not only to save money, but also to have a lot of fun.

“We were positively surprised with the creativity of Nebucode developers. They suggested plenty of solutions making our app even more enjoyable for the users. We’re sure that it’s not the last project done together - we will stay in touch and reach out to them again once we come up with new ideas.”
- Author, Position at Chata