Smart Optimizer

Case study

Smart Optimizer, the pride of Nebucode, is one of the most environmental-friendly solutions we’ve ever developed. This IoT (Internet of Things) product integrates energy-saving equipment with a mobile app, what contributes to reducing energy consumption.

Tech stack:


Our client developed an energy-saving tools designed for hotels and restaurants. However, their desire was to popularize the energy-saving habits across the society and make this technology accessible also to individual users. They reached out to us to digitalize their solution even more by making it more intuitive and convenient.

Our solution

Successfully integrates client’s equipment with a mobile app

Was developed from scratch, including UX/UI and graphical design, website and MVP

Required extraordinary flexibility and hiring additional graphic designer, photographer, engineer and analyst

Was powered by an appealing promo video developed in cooperation with our marketing department.


The produced solution redefines the way of cutting down on excessive electric energy consumption, saves money and reduces global lCO2 emission across the households and public premises. Moreover, together with Feigin Electric, the designer of the tool, we successfully signed a contract with Dominos Pizza concerning selling more than 300 pieces of equipment across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

“The help of Nebucode was simply invaluable. We could see their devotion to the task and full understanding of our specific needs. We loved the energy between both of us, and we’re grateful for the outcomes of our cooperation. Thank you!”
- Author, Position at Chata