Case study

NTCE is the app measuring water pH based on the photos and identifying problems with pool water.

Tech stack:


The goal of our client, a producer of disinfectants, was to provide their clients with digital solution helping to maintain cleanliness and safety of pool water. They asked us to support them in product development and all technology-related aspects, such as building administration panel, login and registration system and running the tests.

Our solution

Measures water pH by taking photos and comparing them with the benchmark (a test tube) and is based on Optical Recognition technology

How does it work? The tube contains water coloured with the pHenol RED pill which changes the hue depending on the pH level. The result of the measurement is then sent to the technician who can adjust the dosage of detergents and maintain the right pH.

We equipped the app with a chatbot which solves the most frequent customer requests or, in case of more comprehensive issues, automatically connects the user with a consultant.


The great idea of our client and our technology support helped us to create one of the most innovative startups in the industry. As the next step, we’re working on an online store equipped with fully automated distribution system. Once it’s ready, users will be able to order detergents directly from the app and complete their payment with a payment gateway.

“We didn’t expect this project to exceed our expectations. Nebucode appeared to be very experienced and devoted, and contributed to development of our concept with a bunch of interesting ideas. I can highly recommend them as specialists definitely having a good understanding of the startup industry.”
- Author, Position at NTCE